Mr Blue Eyes – Northland Baby Photographer

Meet Mr 6 weeks old, with the deep blue eyes. His brother has such stunning brown eyes! The perfect pair 🙂

Sometimes life isn’t perfect, and the story doesn’t quite happen as happily and perfectly as you are led to believe. So sometimes you can’t always get those newborn shots that you were hoping for. But that definitely is not the end of the story. I am happy to photograph babies of any age…. and as this gorgeous little man has proven, you may not get any sleepy shots, but oh boy will you end up with gorgeously memorable images of your beautiful baby!

Like his older brother (we photographed him at 8 weeks old), this wee guy was super chilled and happy…. and so in love with his Mumma – I couldn’t get him to look anywhere else!

1 Year Old Portraits – Whangarei Children’s Photographer

These gorgeous children came back to the studio this morning to celebrate their little sister’s one year old birthday photoshoot. I last saw them with their brand new baby sister for her newborn session, and she has grown up beautifully. Toddling around the studio, she loved sitting in this basket…. so we ended up including it for this sibling shot.

Surrounded by Love – Whangarei Maternity Photographer

With only four more weeks until the arrival of this little baby, these siblings simply cannot wait! Although Mum has warned that, with their history, they may just have to wait a little longer than that. I last saw this gorgeous Mum almost seven years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her again with her growing family.

These children were delightful…. very happy to come away from the toys for their turn at being photographed. They all stood quietly and did everything that I asked. So very tempting to keep these little guys 🙂

Enjoy! Merry Christmas

The Boss! – Whangarei Baby Photographer

At 9 days old this baby boy was definitely the boss for his newborn photoshoot. He loved being wrapped, and was not at all impressed if he wasn’t wrapped! Luckily he is baby number 3, and Mum was pretty relaxed about it all…. a quick feed and he was asleep… pose him, take photos, try to move to another position and he was wide awake (and starving!)…. so back to Mum for another feed. At least we did get a lot of gorgeous shots of him, it just took a bit longer than expected. Luckily he is a little charmer, so all was forgiven 🙂