Sleeping Beauty – Northland Newborn Photographer

Whangarei Baby Photographer

At just 12 days old this baby girl was a dream to photograph. Born 4 weeks early (as with her brother) she just slept…. gave a little wriggle to get comfy…. then slept some more. She loved being in her Mummy and Daddy’s arms, and barely moved when being cuddled by her big brother. At 4 years old, big brother was the best! He was gentle, did whatever he was asked….. and smiled!

This session rocked!

Dream Baby – Whangarei Newborn Photographer

Whangarei Baby Photographer

At 13 days old this baby girl was a real dream to photograph. At the start of the session she decided to well and truly christen Dad, luckily he wasn’t too bothered. And after that she slept through everything. Even once we were done she was still sound asleep. Mum said she was a very calm little girl…. and she was right!

Little Mr Awake – Northland Baby Photographer

Whangarei Newborn Photographer

This little guy was 17 days old when he visited me this morning for his newborn baby photoshoot, but he wasn’t due until next week. Initially he was wide awake… then sleepy but with those dreaded hiccups…. and finally he was asleep, and slept for his entire session.

I photographed his big brother as a newborn two years ago, so I was looking forward to meeting him again. He was so full of energy, and very curious about everything that moved or made a sound! But sitting still was not his thing….. but he totally blew me away when his baby brother was placed in his arms – he was still and grinning. And when we asked him to kiss his baby…. he started giggling, and giggling! Gosh was he cute <3