It took a little while for this baby boy to get into his phooshoot this morning. He was great being photographed with his big sister, and his Mummy and Daddy shots too. But as soon as I unwrapped his hands he was pretty jumpy and wriggly whenever I tried to position him. Eventually we cranked up the heat some more…. he settled down, but I think we almost cooked Dad!

As soon as I moved him onto his tummy he got into a much deeper sleep…… bliss…..

Happy Birthday Baby – Northland Newborn Photographer

This baby girl came to see me today on her birthday – she is 4 weeks old today! Her and her family left before dawn to travel all the way down from the Far North to get her newborn photos taken. Although 4 weeks old she was still a tiny little doll.

Her brothers were exceptionally good, and are totally besotted with her…. as are her parents! It was so lovely to see how adored she is by her family. As soon as she had a very full tummy, and we got the studio nice and warm, she slept soundly for her photos.

Older Babies sleep too – Whangarei Newborn Photographer

Newborn babies are usually photographed under 2 weeks old to guarantee those cute curled up sleepy poses. But sometimes things happen and that early newborn stage disappears all too quickly. Older babies can be photographed beautifully too, it just takes a little more patience to give them time to drift off….

Today I photographed this gorgeous baby girl – she is 9 weeks old, and was just delightful! We got awake shots & smiles… and then she drifted off….